Naples Sports Club

Lane Beatty had to put into practice the notion of setting up an enhanced children’s summer camp for parents who were working. Being an experienced Physical Educator, in the year 1999, Lane Beatty pioneered the creation of Sports CLUBS concept in the Naples, Florida. Lane propagated the idea of giving children a chance to choose from various activities, which could be performed in rotations of 45-minutes time each.

Basically, Lane laid the basis of his idea to providing children a chance to play, interact and in the process learn the multiple game rules. He compared the experience with his participation in fun and neighborhood games while he was growing up as a kid in the tiny town of Harbor Springs situated in Northern Michigan. After his successful Summer Sports Camp that was held in Vineyards Elementary School, all parents teamed up and ardently called for similar choices during their children’s after school programs.

This is what eventually led to the formation of Sports Clubs, Inc., which until date stands as a non-profit making organization, as pertained in section 501 (c)(3). With this on ground, the Sports CLUB or rather the after-school was started in the year 1999. The pioneer foundation began at two sites with only a handful groups of students.

The name Sports CLUB is actually a connotation for ‘Children Learning Ultimate Balance’. They are trained to balance between the various fields of academics, arts and also athletics. Consequently, the program features numerous combinations including homework assistance, FCAT tutoring help, Literature CLUB and arts and crafts. Similarly, there is an incorporation of an all inclusive physical activities and all these happen on daily basis from 2:45-6:30 pm.

Since then, the program has indecisively grown and seamlessly bred many Sports CLUBS bases all through Collier and also South Lee counties. This has ultimately enriched over 1000 students on a weekly rate, both physically and mentally.

Naples Lions Club Foundation

The Naples Lions Club Foundation (Located off of Imokalee road near Island Walk community) is an international organization established to help communities with their medical and health needs. The club’s main activities include funding of eye exams and eye surgeries, and provision of glasses and hearing aids for the kids and adults.

Being one the largest service club organizations in the world, Lions Club International is currently composed of over 1.3 million members from more than 45,000 clubs, established for more than 200 different countries all over the world.

Also known as “Knights of the Blinds”, the Lions Club conducts two major screening programs for vision and hearing problems, both for children and adults. Through the screening programs, kids and adults can undergo free eye exams, treatments, glasses, and hearing aids depending on their needs.

One of the major screening programs is provided to preschoolers in various areas of Naples to detect Amblyopia or lazy eyes. The preschool screening program is given in order to eradicate the causes of amblyopia in children. The other screening program is provided for the adults to help those with various eye problems like cataracts, glaucoma, and other retinal diseases.

The Naples Lions Club also provides screenings in various homeless shelters and joins community health fairs.

Community Activities And Involvements:

  • Vision and hearing screenings for children. Lions Club screen over 1,000 preschool children from 30 different child care centers within Lee County and Collier County. The club also works hand-in-hand with the Early Learning Coalition of Southwest Florida.
  • Vision screenings for adults in Immokalee as well as in Mathews House in Naples, and other locations. More than 1,000 needy adults are screened for various eye problems and are provided with free glasses.
  • The Naples Lions Club also provides scholarships to deserving students of Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology and students of Edison College School of Nursing.
  • The club joins various health fair screenings like the Golden Gate’s Festival de la Familia every spring.
  • Lions Club also conducts Diabetes and Blood Pressure Testing during their community screenings through the help of Edison College School of Nursing.
  • Aside from free glasses, the Naples Lions Club also provides free hearing aids for children and adults that need one.

The Naples Lions Club conducts three community screenings in Immokalee every year. They screen more than 1,000 patients every year. The major community screening programs are held every December, January, and March at the I Tech Center in Immokalee. As an international foundation, the club has also provided thousands of glasses and hearing aids in various parts of the world like the Philippines and other world sites by Lions Club International.